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Apple Arcade adds four new games, 30 updates coming in October

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This October, Apple Arcade rolls out four new games, including "NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition," "Cut the Rope 3," "Jeopardy! World Tour+," and "Crossword Jam+."

A new title will be released every Friday throughout the month of October. Additionally, more than 30 games, such as Cooking Mama: Cuisine! and Fruit Ninja Classic+ will get updates throughout the month.

October 6: Jeopardy! World Tour+

Jeopardy! World Tour+, developed by Uken Games, provides an engaging and thrilling way to enjoy the popular American Quiz Show. Players can experience the authentic Jeopardy! feel, compete with challengers worldwide, and showcase their knowledge in various categories to become the Jeopardy! World Tour champion and climb the leaderboards.

Image Credit: Apple
Image Credit: Apple

October 13: Cut the Rope 3

Cut the Rope 3, the newest game in the popular mobile franchise from Paladin Studios has already been downloaded over 1.6 billion times. In this exciting adventure, players will join Om Nom and Nibble Nom as they follow a mysterious map to explore uncharted territories. Along the way, they will encounter stunning locations and clever puzzles.

Completing these challenges will reveal new Nommies species and prove that the players are the ultimate explorers. Cut the Rope 3 still features the series' beloved characters and signature gameplay while also introducing new physics-based elements and fresh challenges for fans to enjoy.

October 20: Crossword Jam+

Enjoy a calm and engaging word game experience with PlaySomple Games' Crossword Jam+. This game provides daily challenges for players to unwind and improve their vocabulary by connecting letters to form words. The stunning natural landscapes create a relaxing atmosphere for players to immerse themselves in.

Subscribers can enjoy the full game without interruptions from ads or in-app purchases. Players will encounter progressively challenging puzzles that match their word skills as they virtually tour some of the world's most breathtaking countries.

Image Credit: Apple
Image Credit: Apple

October 27: NBA 2k24 Arcade Edition

For basketball enthusiasts looking for an exciting new experience, 2K Games' NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition is the perfect choice. The MyCareer mode allows players to become their own NBA superstar, building a fan base and securing endorsements from Nike, Jordan, and Adidas.

Players can customize their shoes, outfits, accessories, and tattoos. They can also recruit NBA legends to their streetball team and compete against AI opponents.

The Greatest mode brings new challenges and unlocks a fresh roster of NBA superstars and legends. Players can assemble their dream team and compete in The Greatest Fantasy Team Challenge against other squads or enjoy Spectator mode to watch NBA games that reflect the current season through NBA Today.

Additionally, players can personalize their indoor MyCourt, improve their skills, and invite friends through Game Center to watch them play.

Featuring over 200 games, Apple Arcade costs $4.99 per month, and is also offered as part of the Apple One subscription.